【Hokkaido】Japan's longest straight road(日本一長い直線道路)

Japan's longest straight road


The longest straight road in Japan is said to be a 29.2km section from Bibai to Takikawa on National Route 12.

In addition to that, the road that combines nakashibetsu southern wide area agricultural road and Besumi western wide area agricultural road etc. becomes 29.6km, so this may also be said to be the longest straight road in Japan.

It seems that it is not a straight line such as near Nakashibetsu Hospital and Tsuruha Drug Nakashibetsu East Store (?) Because there is a part, I think that it is according to how far to see as a straight line.

Bibai on National Route 12 - Takikawa


As the longest straight road in Japan, there are large signboards at both ends of the straight line part, and many suburban stores such as home centers and shopping centers line the roadside.

Because it is a straight road that is urbanized with few ups and downs, the feeling of the longest straight road in Japan may not spring up much.

Bibai and Takikawa, which have straight sections, are located between Sapporo and Asahikawa when viewed widely, and are main roads with almost two lanes on one side, so they are easy to run.


If you get out of the car and go sightseeing, I think that it will be around the signs at both ends of the straight road, but there seems to be no private parking lot.

However, it seems that you can stop and take a commemorative photo because the shoulder is wide near the sign at both ends.


Nakashibetsu Southern Wide Area Agricultural Road and Besumi Western Wide Area Agricultural Road

Nakashibetsu Southern Wide Area Agricultural Road


It is a straight road through Nakashibetsu southern wide area agricultural road, Besumi western wide area agricultural road, national highway No. 272.

It may be because the road is fragile in winter, but the road was a little bumpy.

There is no view like the "road to the heavens" in Shari Town, but there are many ups and downs.

It runs through the urban area of Nakashibetsu, which is flat when driving on National Route 272, but other than that, it is a scenery of dairy farming that I feel came to Hokkaido.


It seems that there are no signs for tourists, so I think that when it comes to sightseeing, it will be only a drive except for the shops along the route.


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