【Gunma】Numata City Fukiware Falls

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Blown falls


The Falls of Fukiware are located along National Route 120, which is used when going from gunma prefecture to Nikko.

The center of the river is cracked and it is a waterfall.

There is no difference, but I think that it is a rare waterfall that you do not see much in Japan.

It has been selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, and is also called the Niagara of the Orient.


Easy recommended walking route


I think that this route is the main route where you can walk while looking at the valley and The Waterfall of Fukiware discount.

You can go near the waterfall.

There are stairs, but there are many paved places and it is easy to walk.

The 1st Waterfall

Suspension Bridge (Ukishima Bridge)

There is a suspension bridge (Ukishima Bridge) near Fukiware-no-Taki Falls, and there is a promenade beyond that.

If you go there, there is the first waterfall stand, and you can see The Falls of Blowing From the top.

Fukiware falls

Blown falls

If you walk along the promenade from the upper reaches of the river, you will see a waterfall in the distance.

I also like waterfalls that I see before I go near the waterfall (upstream of the waterfall).

If you go near the waterfall, you can see the waterfall from the side.

It is dangerous to go close to the waterfall, but it is safe because the color cone is placed.

Fukiware discount valley

Blown discount valley

You can walk around in the valley where you can feel negative ions.

It is recommended to walk with Fukiware Falls.

Hannya rock

General Wakaiwa

It is said that you are walking along the promenade along the Fukiware discount valley.

Hannya is a mask with a scary face that has been handed down in Japan for a long time.

It is a rock that a Hannya seems to have opened a big mouth.

It is an interesting shaped rock, but it may pass by without realizing it, so it may be a good idea to walk while looking closer to the cliff.

Parking lot of Fukiware Falls

I think that it will be in the form of parking a car at a souvenir shop along the national highway.


Information on "Fukiware falls"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★  

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 1 hour
Congestion (5 levels) * 3 (There are many people during the day of the holiday)


Address Ogai, Tone-cho, Numata City, Gunma Prefecture
Telephone number
Map code 540 115 818*08
Highway access Approximately 20 minutes from Numata IC on the Sekietsu Expressway
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Fall 2018 Holiday Around noon

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