【Hokkaido】Fujimigaoka Park(富士見が丘公園)


Fujimigaoka Park is located on a hill overlooking the town of Tori separate town, and is a park where you can play camping and park golf.

In addition, the view is good and you can see "Rishiri Fuji" and Mt. Rishiri (Rishiri Island) far beyond the sea.

There are mountains in various parts of Japan that are similar in shape to Fuji. Such mountains are often named "~ Fuji".

Around here.

If you are running on the national highway, there is a big signboard near "Road Station Enbets Fujimi", so you can climb from there to go to the park.

Fujimigaoka Park Observatory


It is a wooden observation deck in the park, and it is about 2nd to 3rd stories high.

The nearby NHK radio tower blocks a little of the view, but the view is good.

When I looked around the middle of the radio tower and a distant town, I saw Rishiri Fuji.


Parking lot

Information on Fujimigaoka Park

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★  
Drive ★★★★ 

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* 10 to 30 minutes
Congestion (5 levels) * 1 (There are few people on weekdays)


Address 46 Fujimi, Toriso-cho, Tenso-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone number
Map code 830 171 200*86
Highway access -
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Around April 2019 Weekday Evening

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「【Hokkaido】Fujimigaoka Park(富士見が丘公園)」の情報


住所 北海道石狩市厚田区厚田





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