【Hokkaido】Christmas Tree Tree(クリスマスツリーの木)

Christmas Tree Tree


The Tree of Christmas tree is a spruce tree that stands in the field with only one potsun.

The origin of the name seems to be various theories, but it seems to have been attached because it resembles a Christmas tree, and it is also a photo shoot spot.

Look at the Christmas tree tree from the driveway.

The fields around the Christmas tree tree were private land, and there were many warning signs.

Around Christmas Tree Tree


I think that there are weather conditions, but it seems that you can see beautiful scenery in any season in spring, summer, autumn and wi
nter. I took it in a foreign country!? You can also take pictures of the scenery that you think.

Christmas Tree Tree

Christmas Tree Tree Parking

Around Christmas Tree Tree

There is no parking lot, and there is no choice but to park on the shoulder
of the surrounding road. When parking a car, in addition to passing cars, the surrounding area is a field, so it is necessary to avoid disturbing farmers.


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Address Mima beef, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
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Highway access About 1 hour from Asahikawa Takasu IC on The Doo Expressway
Parking lot No particular
Article coverage time Around April 2019 Weekdays Noon

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