【Hokkaido】Parent and Child Tree (親子の木)

Parent and child tree


The parent and child tree is one of the sightseeing spots in Biei where you can take beautiful photos.

This area is a vast field, with three trees lined up in it. From a distance, it seems as if three parents and children are lined up.

Parent and child tree


There is a road near the tree of parents and children, so you can go close, but it is recommended to see it from a little distance.

You can see the fields in summer and the trees of parents and children standing in the snowfields in winter.

The recommended watch spot is around the red pin in the map below.

The photos in the article are also taken around there.


Parent and Child Tree Parking

The road near the tree of parents and children

There seems to be no place to park the car near the tree of parents and children.

Because the surrounding area is a field, agricultural cars may pass depending on the season. I thought that it was necessary to park the car so as not to get in the way of the traffic with a view to a place a little far away.


Information on "Parent and Child Tree"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★★★

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 5 minutes
Congestion (5 levels) * 1 (There are no people on weekdays when there is snow)


Address Mita, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone number
Map code
Highway access Approximately 50 minutes from Asahikawa Takasu IC on The Doo Expressway
Parking lot No?
Article coverage time Spring 2019 Weekdays After Noon

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