【Niigata】Yahiko Summit Park/ Climbing Car (弥彦山頂公園・クライミングカー)


Yahiko Summit Park is located at the ninth station of Mt. Yahiko, and is a scenic spot where you can see the Echigo Plain and the Sea of Japan.

It is also a sunset and night view spot.

Access at Yahiko Summit Park

Yahiko Summit Park


There is a ropeway from Yahiko Shrine, so you can easily climb it.

In addition, even from the Yahikoyama skyline side on the other side, it is convenient because you can park your car in the parking lot along the road and climb it with a climbing car.

Climbing Car

Climbing car ride

The Yahikoyama Skyline is a great way to drive.

If you want to climb the mountaintop park from the Yahikoyama skyline side, park your car in the parking lot, enter the building near the Panorama Tower, and take a climbing car.

When you go inside, there is a place with a nostalgic atmosphere.

This atmosphere is also good.

Climbing car ride


On the right is the panorama tower station, and on the left is the climbing car station.

We also sold a set of both tickets at the ticket reception.

Ride in a climbing car

Climbing Car

Climbing cars run from time to time, so you can ride with little waiting time. It takes about 1 minute.

Climbing Car

3Yesity measures, the window of the climbing car was vacant.

Yahiko Summit Park

Yahiko Summit Park

In the park, there are observation restaurants, snack shops, Yahikoyama Nature Museum, etc., and it has become a tourist destination.

Yahiko Summit Park

Yahikoyama Observation Shokudo

Yahiko Summit Park Observatory

In the park, this building is close to climbing cars and ropeway rides,

On the 1st floor, there are shops, snack shops, toilets
on the 2nd floor, restaurants on t
he 3rd floor, yahikoyama nature museum, observation deck
RF is an observation deck


If you go above 2F

Stairs to Yahiko Summit Park Observation Deck

The entrance is a little difficult to understand. If you go above the 2nd floor, go up the stairs that look like the restaurant entrance on the 1s
t floor. The 2nd level is a restaurant as a signboard, but you can go up as it is.

Stairs to Yahiko Summit Park Observation Deck

3F: Yahikoyama Nature Museum

Yahikoyama Nature Museum

It's hard to understand (?). Thanks to the entrance, the 3rd floor and the rooftop are less people, and it looks like a little bit of a spot.

The Yahikoyama Nature Museum on the 3rd is a material space where you can learn about the nature of Mt. Yahiko.

RF: Observation Deck

Observation deck at Yahiko Summit Park

RF is an observation deck.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Echigo Plain and the Sea of Japan.

Yahiko Summit Park Climbing Car Drive and Parking Information

Access to Yahiko Summit Park climbing car

There is a Hokuriku Expressway in the vicinity, and it is a good place to access.

Estimated time required when using a high-speed road

From Niigata City: Usually 55 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes (43.0 km)

From Sendai: usually 4 hours to 4 hours 30 minutes (297 km)

From Nagoya: usually 5 hours 50 minutes to 6 hours 50 minutes (445 km)

From Tokyo: typically 4 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours 20 minutes (348 km)

Nearest IC (1): Hokuriku Expressway Makigata Higashi IC

From Niigata and Sendai, this IC is convenient.

It takes about 40 minutes from the IC.

Nearest IC (2): Sanjo Tsubame IC on the Hokuriku Expressway

From Tokyo and Nagoya, this IC is convenient.

It takes about 40 minutes from the IC.

Parking lot of Yahiko Summit Park (Yahikoyama Skyline Side)

Parking lot of Yahiko Summit Park

There is a large parking lot near the climbing car station. It was parked for free.


Parking lot

Information on "Yahiko Summit Park Climbing Car"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★★ 

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* 1 hour to 1.5 hours
Congestion (5 levels) * 3 (There are many people during the day of the holiday)


Address Yahiko, Nishi-Gama-ku, Yahiko-mura, Nishikambara-gun, Niigata
Telephone number
Map code
Highway access Approximately 40 minutes from Makigata Higashi IC on the Hokuriku Expressway
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Fall 2020 Holiday Lunch Break

* This article and photos are not limited to the latest in
formation. Be sure to check the official website for the latest information.

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