【Hokkaido】Golden Road, Boyodai (黄金道路、望洋台)

Golden Road and Noyodai


The Golden Road was completed in 1934, and you can drive along the stunning Pacific coastline.

It was a different name at the beginning of the opening, but it seems to have come to be called the golden road because "it is a road that cost a huge amount of money to build as if it were laid down with gold".

Golden Road

Golden National Highway (Light Rain)

It is a superb road where you can run through the steep cliffs.

The entire golden road line is well maintained and easy to run, but it is often closed to traffic due to bad weather, so be careful when the wind and waves are strong.


The Golden National Road's Noyodai

It is in the middle of the Golden Road.

There is a monument of "Golden Road", and it is recommended for commemorative photography.


Erimo's Golden Tunnel



There are several tunnels in the middle of the Golden Road. The longest tunnel is the Erye-e Golden Tunnel, a new tunnel that was made in 2011.

With a total length of 4,941 meters, it is the longest road tunnel in Hokkaido.

Beyond the Golden Road (Erimo Town)

Beyond the Golden Road (Eryingo Town)

This is also a superb view.

The area near Hiroo town is a steep cliff, and when you approach the town through the golden road, you will see an open view.

Beyond the Golden Road (Eryingo Town)

Golden Road Location

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