【Yamagata】Hagoyama Toll Road (羽黒山有料道路)



It is a toll road that can go to the summit of Mt. Hago.

By using this toll road, you can access it by car near Dewa Sanzan Shrine.


Speaking of Dewa Sanzan Shrine, it is famous for climbing 2446 stone steps and worshiping, but if you use this, you can visit it in about 5 minutes on walk from the parking lot.

Around here.

There is a lift of the ski resort on the way, but the view from the parking lot there is also good and recommended.

What is the Hagoyama Toll Road?

From the direction of Tsuruoka city, there is an entrance (toll gate) on the left hand side, and from shinjo and Ohasawa direction.

The toll road has a slightly decoboco road and there is no center line, but the width of the road is wide and it seems to cross even if a large bus comes.

The speed limit is as low as 25km.

Where can I see the view on the Hagoyama Toll Road?

There is a large parking lot around the ski lift, and the view from that area is good.

It was early in the morning when I took the picture above, so no one was there.

There is an observation deck like a toya next to the parking lot, and you can enjoy the view.

However, the most recommended may be near the ski lift.

Beyond the grasslands, you can see mt. Moon, or you can see mountains covered with snow.

In addition, this place can be used to lay down cars, so you can take a commemorative photo with your car.

Mt. Hago, Yamagata Prefecture

How do I get to Dewa Sanzan Shrine?

If you go to the farthest part of the toll road, there is a parking lot near Dewa Sanzan Shrine.

On the way, there is a narrow place, but there is a one-way street around there, so you can rest assured.


Parking lot

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Address Mt. The meguro, Hago-cho, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
Telephone number 0235-62-4545
Map code
Highway access Approximately 20 minutes from Shonai Asahi IC on Yamagata Expressway
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Around June 2020 Holiday Morning

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