【Nagasaki】Kawachi Pass (川内峠)


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View from Uchi Pass


Kawachi Pass is a pass located on Hirado Island, close to hirado city center.

The view from the place where it took about 3 minutes on foot to go up the hill near the parking lot of Kawachi pass is breathtaking.

You can see the sea and mainland Kyushu below, and various islands in the distance. It is a scenic spot with a large panorama.

Around here.

There is also a scenic spot near here.

From the "Kawachi Pass Observatory", which can be climbed from the "Kawachi Pass Information Center", you can see the Hirado Bridge, etc., and you can enjoy a superb view that is different from the scenery introduced in this article.

What is the best place to see Kawachi Pass?

Uchi Pass

The map of the place will be described later, but there was a small hill beside the parking lot of Kawachi Pass, and the view from the top was superb.

Uchi Pass

The hill seen from the parking lot looks like this.

The scenery is the best, and I think that it is about 3 minutes if you climb early and 5 minutes if you climb slowly.

It is a road like a beast road, but there is no grass in the place to walk. So, it might be a little difficult because it was raining.

I did not encounter it at this time, but I think that there are creatures such as insects if you are unlucky, so if you are not good at it, be careful.


View from Uchi Pass

The direction where the parking lot can be seen below is about north.

I think that it is good to mark this direction.

On this day, clouds are not visible in the way, but if the weather is good, "Iki" seems to be visible in the north-northeast area.


View from Uchi Pass

In the northwest, you can see "I first moon island".

I was in a very close place on I.

View from Uchi Pass

On the far right of I first-moon Island is where the Great Bae Lighthouse is located.

In the summer air of this day, it is not possible to confirm it even with a telephoto lens, but it seems that "Toshima" can be seen a little around the right side of the Large Baye Lighthouse.

South, East

View from Uchi Pass

Below you will see the white sandy beaches and blue seas of the southern country, and beyond that you can also see the kyushu mainland.

It is truly a superb view.

View from Uchi Pass

Where is Kawachi Pass located?

Around here.

It is located on Hirado Island, with a pass in its name, but it is a little off the main road.

The road was wide and well maintained, so driving was easy.

Drive and parking information of Kawachi pass

Access to Kawachi Pass

There is a Nishikyushu Expressway in the vicinity, and it is a good place to access.

Estimated time required when using a high-speed road

From Nagasaki: usually 2 hours (126 km)

From Fukuoka: usually 2 hours 10 minutes (113 km)

From Osaka: usually 9 hours 20 minutes to 11 hours (722 km)

Nearest IC (1): Nishikyushu Expressway Sasa IC

From Nagasaki, this IC is convenient.

It takes about 40 minutes from the IC.

Nearest IC (2): Matsuura IC on the Nishi-Kyushu Expressway

From Fukuoka and Osaka, this IC is convenient.

It takes about 40 minutes from the IC.

What is the parking lot at Kawachi Pass?

It's free and pretty wide.

There are also places where it is a place, so I think that it is rare to be full.


Parking lot

Information on "Kawachi Pass"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★★ 

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 15 minutes
Congestion (5 levels) * 2 (Fewer people on holiday mornings)


Address Ono Town, Hirado City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Telephone number
Map code 89 603 895*37
Highway access Approximately 40 minutes from Matsuura IC on the Nishi-Kyushu Expressway
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Around August 2020 Holiday Morning

* This article and photos are not limited to the latest in
formation. Be sure to check the official website for the latest information.

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