【Saitama】Hitsuji yama Park (羊山公園)


Sheepsan Park is a park near the city of Chichibu, and there are highlights such as "Moss phlox hill" where moss phlox blooms all over at the time around Golden Week.

Sheep mountain park where moss phlox blooms beautifully, but it is also a famous place for cherry blossoms.

A little before the time when moss phlox blooms, about 1,000 cherry trees such as Somei Yoshino, weeping cherry, and double cherry blossoms bloom in the park.

Around here.

In addition to "Moss phlox hill", There is "Fureai Farm" where you can interact with sheep and "Overlook hill" overlooking chichibu town and mountains.

Moss phlox hill

Admission and parking in the park are usually free, but there is a charge when moss phlox blooms.

In 2021, there will be a fee from Friday, April 16 to Wednesday, May 5.


Moss phlox blooms all over!

As the name says, moss phlox hill is a little high, so you can see moss phlox from the top, and if you look at it from below, you can take a walk while watching the moss phlox of the park which is "Moss phlox hill".

Sheep Mountain Park

Drive and parking information of Sheep Mountain Park

How to get to Sheep Mountain Park

There is a Kanetsu Expressway in the vicinity, and it is a good place to access.

Estimated time required when using a high-speed road

From Saitama City: usually from Sendai from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes (9
7.6 km): usually from Tokyo: usually 4 hours 40 minutes to 5 hours 50 minutes
(387 km) from Tokyo: usually 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 20 minutes (115 km)

Nearest IC:  Kanetsu Expressway Hanazono IC

I think that ic is convenient here for high-speed road from any direction.

It takes about 50 minutes from the IC.

Parking lot of Sheep Mountain Park

If you go by car, it is crowded, such as a line of cars before entering the parking lot every year.

There are several parking lots in Yoriyama Park, and I do not know if it will be parked in the parking lot below, so I think that it is good to rely on signs and people in charge.

In addition, the parking lot of the park was charged when moss phlox bloomed, but it is convincing considering the number of cars and people.


Parking lot

Information on "Sheep Mountain Park"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★  

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 1 to 2 hours
Congestion (5 levels) * 4 (It was crowded at the time of the event)


Address 6360 Omiya, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture
Telephone number 0494-21-2277
Map code 150 251 428*37
Highway access Approximately 50 minutes from Hanazono IC on the Kanetsu Expressway
Parking lot During the moss phlox flowering period, there is a charge
Article coverage time Around May 2018 Holiday around noon

* This article and photos are not limited to the latest in
formation. Be sure to check the official website for the latest information.

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