【Hokkaido】Higureyama Observatory (日暮山展望台)

Mt. Yingyoriyama Observatory


It is an observation deck where you can overlook Onuma National Monument and Mt. Komagatake spreading out below.

It is a superb view spot on Mt. 303m above sea level.

It is said that the name "Mt. Higureyama" was attached to see the scenery until the sun go down.

What is the view from the observation deck?

View from Mt. Yingyoriyama Observatory

From the nearest parking lot, a 5-minute walk along the mountain path, you can see Onuma, Konuma, and Mt. Komagatake from one observation deck.

The observation space is disturbed by trees, so I had the impression that the place that looked good was not so large.

View from Mt. Yingyoriyama Observatory

Autumn leaves seem to be beautiful in autumn.

Drive and parking information of The Night Mountain Observatory

Access to The Night Mountain Observatory

There is a Doo Expressway in the vicinity, and it is a good place to access.

Estimated time required when using a high-speed road

From Sapporo City: usually 3 hours 40 minutes to 4 hours 10 minutes (282 km)
From Hakodate City : usually 35 to 55 minutes (30.9 km)
From Hakodate Airport : usually 35 minutes (33.6 km)

Nearest IC:  Onuma Park IC on the Doo Expressway

If you are using the expressway from Sapporo or Tomakomai, I think this IC is convenient.

It takes about 10 minutes from the IC.

Parking lot of Mt. Yingyoriyama Observatory Winter (~Spring)

Road to The Night Mountain Observatory (Winter to Spring)

How do I park my car in winter (~spring)?

The road to the parking plaza near the observation deck was not accessable due to snow.

If you go around the road relying on a signboard on the prefectural road, the entrance of the building on the right side? You can see.

The road around there is wide, so I think it is good to park there and climb it.

How do I get to the parking lot near the Night mountain observatory?

Road to The Night Mountain Observatory (Winter to Spring)

In order to go near the observation deck, I tried to challenge whether I could climb with FF's Vitz recklessly when there is snow, but it is impossible. I gave up on the way.... (End of March)

The first one is snow that seems to be able to climb if it is 4WD, but if you go up, the snow will deepen.

The mark of the tire which was in the first part was also cut off in the middle side where the snowfall deepened.

So, I think that it is not possible to go uncause there is not much snowfall.

Parking lot of Mt. Yingyoriyama Observatory Summer

In summer, I think it is good to park in the plaza near the observation deck.

From the place where Onuma looks good, you can park your car in a place that takes about 5 minutes on foot and it is a large square? There is.

How do I park my car in the summer?

To get to the square, you need to climb a narrow gravel mountain path.

It's off-road, but when I came here in the summer, I was up in the Vitz.

Because it is really narrow, be careful about on-the-othere cars.

(Because it was covered with fog, there is no photograph when I came in summer.) )


Parking lot

Information on "Mt. 2010 Observation Deck"

Recommended degree

Tourism ★★★★ 
Drive ★★★★ 

Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 15 minutes
Congestion (5 levels) * 2 (There are few people during the snow season)


Address Nishionuma, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone number
Map code 86 812 260*84
Highway access Approximately 10 minutes from Onuma Park IC on the Doo Expressway
Parking lot Free available
Article coverage time Spring 2019 Holiday Morning

* This article and photos are not limited to the latest in
formation. Be sure to check the official website for the latest information.

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