【Miyagi】Ohika Gobansho Park(おしか御番所公園)


Oshika Gobansho Park is located at the southern end of the Oshika Peninsula, a peninsula that protrudes into the Pacific Ocean in Miyagi Prefecture.

It is near the end of the cobalt line, so it is recommended to stop by in the middle of the drive.


From Gobansho Park, you can see not only the Pacific Ocean, but also the islands near the Oshika Peninsula, such as "Ajijima", "Tashiro Island", and "Kinkazan".

Because the surrounding area of the park is the sea, it is also a spot where you can see the starry sky and sunset.

In Gobansho Park

You can take a walk in the park around the parking lot.

There is a view stand and benches on the promenade in the park.

The grass is beautifully cut, and it is an impression that it is maintained.

The scenery is also good, so I thought that I could spend a relaxing and comfortable time.

Milky Way Bridge

There is also a suspension bridge that can be crossed on foot and a Milky Way bridge.

(I think that it is a bridge that does not shake even if I walk, making it)

If you cross this bridge from the parking lot, it is also a path to the observation deck.

Gobansho Park Observatory

The observation deck is about 3 minutes uphill from the parking lot.

There is a bench on the solid covered observation deck, so you can take in the scenery leisurely.

If you look to the east side, you can see "Kinkazan" floating in the sea in front of you.

If you look at the west side, you can see islands such as "Ajijima" and "Tashirojima", oyster rafts, and views of the Oshika Peninsula.

Sunset from Gobansho Park


From Gobansho Park, you can see the sunset over the sea.

Miyagi Prefecture, where Gobansho Park is located, has the Ouusanmyaku on the west side and Yamagata Prefecture on the other side, so the sunset over the sea is difficult to see topographically.

However, since the Oshika Peninsula protrudes into the Pacific Ocean, you can see a beautiful sunset like setting in the sea from Gobansho Park at the tip of it.

By the way, the picture of the sunset above was taken from the sidewalk across the road from the parking lot of the park.

In the sunset seen from here, there were few things to block such as trees, and I could see a beautiful sunset.

Parking lot of Osho Gobansho Park

There is a large free parking lot in the park where about 30 cars can be parked.


Parking lot

Information on "Osho Gobansho Park"

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Tourism ★★★★ 
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Information on places to visit

Approximate length of stay* About 30 minutes
Congestion (5 levels) * 2 (I feel less because it is wide)


Address Ayukawahama Kurosaki, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture
Telephone number
Map code 742 407 737*58
Highway access Approximately 1 hour from Ishinomaki-Henan IC on the Sanri riku Expressway
Parking lot Free about 30 cars
Article coverage time Fall 2020 Holiday Evening

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