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I'm an office worker living in Japan, where I enjoy driving and traveling.

It is the largest city in the Tohoku region and lives in Sendai, which is located about 400km north of Tokyo.

On weekends, I drive the Subaru Impreza while listening to Japanese songs from the 1960s, especially Mina Aoe and Shinichi Mori.


I was born in Tokyo, but only a month later I moved for the first time.
Even as I get older, I still move a lot, so it seems that I had decided to continue moving to Japan from the time I was born.

from the time I was born. Until now, I have lived in the Tohoku region, one in Saitama in the Kanto region, three in Tokyo, three in Kanagawa, three in Okayama in the Sanyo region, and one in Ehime in the Shikoku region, and the 10th time has recently ended. (I want to calm down in the place now.) )


Before I got my driver's license, I used to ride my bike and go a long way, so I liked going far when I was a kid.

When I was in the fourth grade of elementary school, I was angry with my parents by cycling nearly 50km after school.

What made you love driving?

Once, there was a time when I was away from going out, but I originally liked traveling, so at one point I went to Hokkaido, which is the northernst place in Japan.

At that time, I was not good at driving well, but I ended up driving a rainy day car.

I didn't really want to go, but there were various things, and I ended up driving from Kanto to Aomori.

But that's why I love driving now. Up to now, I have driven 45 of the 47 administrative divisions in Japan, but I want to go to the remaining 2 and go around Japan all.


Travel is a hobby. I also like detours.

Therefore, I do not want to take the Shinkansen and the airplane which arrives at the destination fast.

Therefore, I always drive a car and go on a trip.

I don't use cars for work. For that reason, driving a car is limited to 2 days within a week, but the mileage is more than 30,000 km per year.

Driving on a general road (when going somewhere in eastern Japan)

I like the streets and I can't help but feel happy driving every weekend. If you drive in various places, you will forget the tiredness of work.

Miyagi Prefecture, where I live now, is in the center of eastern Japan, so if it is about 2 days, most of eastern Japan is a place where you can drive around the streets and come back.

So on Fridays, I leave my home immediately after returning home from work, and when I have a lot of people in Eastern Japan until Saturday night, I drive about 1,000 km round trip.

Highway drive (when going somewhere in western Japan)

Japanese highways require tolls.
Moreover, the highway is expensive, so I don't want to ride much.

When you go out (when you go to western Japan from Miyagi), it takes time, so there are times when you can use it reluctantly.

When I go from Miyagi to western Japan, I mainly use the Hokuriku Expressway that passed through the Sea of Japan side, but there is not much traffic jam even during consecutive holidays.

It is convenient to go to kyushu region if you have one day.

Miyagi Prefecture is a convenient highway location because there is also a way to go from Miyagi to western Japan when it is not crowded using the Shin-Tomei Expressway.

Drive travel and home page

There are many good places in Japan, but in Japan, the number of overseas trips and air travel has increased, so the situation where Japanese people travel in Japan by car is decreasing compared to the past.

I have always liked to take pictures, but since the restrictions on going out due to coronavirus were issued in Japan and I could not go out, I was organizing the photos I took in the past.

When I was looking at those photos, I thought that it was of course not possible to take them and fill them, but at the same time, I wanted to share with as many people as possible the good places in various parts of Japan with those photos, so I started the homepage.

I have traveled by various cars including the time of the film camera, but from now on I want to change to a digital camera and write an article while traveling around various places.

It is a homepage that was made by amateurs and somehow shaped, but I am happy when there are people who come to Japan by looking at such a homepage, travel and stay.

It's a small force, but I'd be happy if it could be useful for Japan and everyone traveling in Japan.


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